Get a loan for 500 – 50,000 euros!

Gandalf Finance is a new and easy-to-use lending service that helps you find an affordable loan offer quickly and easily.

Through Gandalf Finance, you can apply for a new loan immediately , compete for an existing loan, or combine several small loans into one more affordable loan.

Using the service is made very easy and quick, sending a loan offer takes no more than a few minutes.

Once you have submitted your loan offer to your request, Gandalf Finance will review your application and forward it to your partners.

At best, you will receive loan offers from several banks within less than 24 hours of filing.

Gandalf Finance is an excellent service and there is no risk in using it.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the loan offers you have received, you are not obliged to accept any of them.

Ask for a free loan offer even if it does not take a few minutes!

Important information in brief:

  • The age limit is 20 years.
  • You can apply for a loan right away for 500 – 50,000 euros.
  • The loan product is a one-time consumer credit .
  • Choose a payment period of 1 to 15 years.
  • You can apply for a loan without collateral or guarantors.
  • Your loan offer request will be forwarded to several different banks.
  • In the best case, you will receive loan offers from several banks.
  • After you submit your application, you will receive a loan offer within 24 hours!
  • Search for a new loan or compete for an old loan again.
  • You can also apply for a consolidation loan and combine several of your loans into one loan.
  • Use of the service is free and will not bind you to anything.
  • You are not obliged to accept any loan offers you have received.

Overall impression

Gandalf Finance is very clear and simple in appearance.

All the information you need is easy and easy to find on the site.

There is hardly any extra or unnecessary text on the site.

Using the service is just as easy as it could possibly do.

The loan application is easy and clear, and it does not take a few minutes to complete.

The loan offers arrive within the agreed time and can indeed come from several different banks and finance companies at a time.

Customer service responds relatively quickly to inquiries and is able to advise you if something goes wrong.

Gandalf Finance is a highly recommended service for you, who would like to get a little easier to bid for a loan.


Who can use Gandalf Finance service?

Gandalf Finance serves all 20-year-old Finnish citizens with clean and impeccable credit information.


How much loan can I apply for?

From Gandalf Finance service you can apply for a loan right away for 500 – 50,000 euros.

You can choose the amount of the loan yourself at the rate of 100 euros.


How long can I get?

Gandalf Finance carries loans with a payout period of 1 to 15 years.

You can choose a payout time of one year.


How do I request a loan offer?

You will find a completely free loan application on the Gandalf Finance website.

You can fill out and submit a loan application online at any time.

After submitting a loan offer, you will receive a loan offer within 24 hours.


Can I apply for a loan to combine loans?

Yes you can.

If you have several small loans, card payments or other installments, you can combine them into one more affordable consumer credit.

By combining your loan, you save money on loan costs and interest.

In addition to saving, you also get clarity on your economic punch when you need to shorten one loan instead of several.


Can I recompile my old loan?

Yes you can.

Bidding for an old loan is just as easy as bidding for a new loan.

Just ask for a loan for the amount of money you have for an outstanding loan.

Once you receive a loan offer, you can compare them to your existing loan.

If one of the loan offers you have received is less expensive than your old loan, you can accept it and pay the old loan out.


How do I get a loan for my account?

This depends a lot on the size of the loan you are applying for.

The second thing that affects this is the bank loan you accept.

It can be said, however, that in the best case the money can be in your account even during the same day.

However, on average, getting a loan up to the account can take 1 to 3 days.


Is Gandalf Finance Services Paying Me?

Is not.

Gandalf Finance is a completely free service for all loan applicants.

Compensation for the work he has done Gandalf Finance is available for those loan providers who bid for the customer.