News Many health insurance companies are improving in the bonus program Comparison 2016

News Many health insurance companies are improving in the bonus program Comparison 2016 News always well informed Friday, 14.10.16 , written by Annabell Meyer Whether smoking cessation, fitness course or precaution – health-conscious legally insured get many premiums from the German health insurance. Which their members rewards the most, shows a current health insurance bonus program comparison. However, if you want to profit from your healthy lifestyle in the best possible way, you should pay more attention than just the premium amount. > Viele Verbesserungen im Krankenkasse Bonusprogramm Vergleich Health insurance companies pay premiums for health-conscious insured persons

In a recent health insurance bonus program comparison focuses Focus-Money (42/2016), where fitness and provision for insured pay off the most . Because since the beginning of the year, the health insurance companies are legally obliged to offer bonus programs. These are intended to promote the health of insured persons and thus reduce the long-term costs of health insurances. Participants in a bonus program secure a larger or smaller monetary reward after checkout , for example, if they pay attention to their health with check-ups or fitness classes.

How high the premiums are and what will be rewarded depends on the respective fund. In the health insurance bonus program comparison, the German Financial Service Institute (DFSI) has taken the programs of 54 health insurance companies under the microscope . Compared to the previous year, some cash registers show significant improvements. In addition to the maximum amount of the possible premium, it is crucial in the test how these are paid out and which options, for example, families or insured children have.

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DAK health improves in health insurance bonus program comparison

In the test, Focus-Money has not only searched for the best bonus programs for adults, but also for co-insured children and families . The evaluation included the amount of the annual bonus and the number of measures required. For the grading was also important, whether the bonuses collected over several years and whether co-insured also get bonuses. Big winner in the health insurance bonus program comparison is the DAK health . While their premium system only scored points in the last year for children under the age of 14, this is now among the best programs for families and adults.

In the group of adult cash patients, DAK-Gesundheit is even the winner, followed by the AOK Rheinland / Hamburg . Both receive the overall grade “outstanding” . Although the latter pays EUR 305 for a higher premium than DAK-Gesundheit for EUR 252, the insured must have met twelve preventive or fitness measures. In the nationwide open DAK-health, there are only four measures. Both funds allow their members to collect both the bonus points year-round and to let the insured benefit from the system.

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Which funds have the best bonus programs for families and children?

For families , Schwenninger Health Insurance and DAK Health offer the best reward systems . Focus-Money and the DFSI rate both in the health insurance bonus program comparison with “very good”. With the Schwenninger the bonuses are not transferable at the turn of the year. DAK health, on the other hand, does not give families the opportunity to earn points on a common account.

Children up to the age of 14 benefit from the best bonus program at the AOK Rheinland / Hamburg and DAK-Gesundheit . Here, the regionally opened AOK Rheinland / Hamburg was able to improve from third to first place last year. For many years, it grants participants a loyalty bonus and allows bonus points to be transferred indefinitely. She also pays a maximum premium of 265 euros.

Bonus program with benefits in kind or cash?

In addition to the premium amount, insured persons should consider when comparing the health insurance bonus programs whether the premiums are paid out as cash or in kind or earmarked . Because only if the cash register makes its payment on conditions such as the participation in a fitness course, cash patients the full amount is available tax-free. Otherwise, they have to indicate in their tax return how much money they have received from the fund, explains Focus-Money.

Furthermore, it pays to take a closer look at what measures the cash each reward . If, for example, an insured plans to lose weight or stop smoking, he should make sure that his health insurance fund also honors it. Those who start a family or already have children, on the other hand, are more likely to be guided by bonuses for birth preparation courses or child care examinations.

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