Plus loan or a mini loan? The choice is yours.

Several problems require several situations. Like a Minilening at Gandalf. You can end up in acute financial distress because of a very expensive expense, you need immediate money to make ends meet for the rest of the month, you need a small loan to make an emergency release of several hundred euros, call it but on.

In both cases you can contact Gandalf. We can offer you a Minilening or Plus loan. No matter what financial situation you are in, at Gandalf there is a product to everyone’s choice. On this page you can read further which suits you best, how you can request it and what you qualify for!

What we offer you:

Mini Loan or Plus Loan: We at Gandalf are service oriented. So there are a number of pillars that we focus on that are the same for both services. This is what we try to offer you at all times:

  • An easy request process.
  • Fast money on your bank. We strive to complete your application as soon as possible.
  • The annual cost percentage is 13.99%. This means that you pay 1.15 for a Minilening of 100 euros over 30 days and pay a sum of 16.43 euros for a Plus loan of 1000 euros over 62 days.
  • For your convenience: you can choose a personal guarantor who is responsible for your loan. If you do not have a personal guarantor? No worries. You can also use the services of GFGM.
  • Refund? That is just as easy. You will receive access to your My Gandalf account with a loan. Here you can easily pay back within a few minutes via iDeal!


The old, trusted Minilening! Gandalf has been a specialist in the field of short-term loans since 2007 and has been a fixed value since then regarding options for quick loans. For years the supplier of minileningen in the Netherlands! Some of the benefits for taking out a Mini Loan.

Advantages of a Mini Loan.

  • Small amounts.
  • You can reimburse a Minus loan within one term.
  • The number one provider in the Netherlands of this service.
  • Available for 15,30 and 45 days.

There are also a number of drawbacks to the Minilening, compared to the Plus loan.

  • The maximum amount is 800 euros.
  • You can only choose a term of 15.30 and 45 days.
  • You must pay the loan amount in one go.

The Plus loan.

With the Plus Loan, we offer our customers the opportunity to borrow a larger amount if you are short of cash. The benefits are outlined below for you:

  • You can borrow from 600 euros to 1500 euros with our Plus loan.
  • Splitting the terms makes it cheaper.
    • Term one expires after 31 days. You pay the first part.
    • Term two ends after 62 days. You then pay the remaining amount
    • With an amount of 1000 euros you will have to pay an amount of 444.97 euros after the first installment
    • You pay 571.46 after the second term.
    • In total, that amounts to 1016.43 euro!
  • Would you prefer to pay back the amount in one go? That is also possible with the Plus loan! You can pay earlier by simply logging into your My Gandalf and paying the full amount back directly via iDeal.

Pay attention! The amount you qualify for is also dependent on your scoring and creditworthiness. We use an automatic scoring system that determines the loan amount on the basis of the information you provide.

Okay, made a choice, how do I request it?

Fortunately, the application process for both loans is identical. The application procedure for a loan at Gandalf is, as promised, very simple.

  1. Select the amount of your loan amount and your desired period;
  2. Upload your ID document;
  3. Enter some details;
  4. Choose the guarantor you want to use; Personal guarantor or ‘GFGM’
  5. Read the terms and conditions and the agreement. If you agree, put your signature and send your application.
  6. Perform your account verification via iDeal.

What is the difference between Guarantors?

To be certain that the fast mini loan will be reimbursed, we ask for a valid guarantor. This can be someone from your area. We have to be certain that the guarantor can bear the financial burden of the fast mini loan and therefore we ask to receive the following documents from the guarantor:

  • A copy of a valid Dutch identity card
  • A bank statement from the guarantor (copy, photo or screenshot). The bank statement can not be older than 3 months.
  • The signed joint and several liability agreement.

If you do not have a personal guarantor for the quick mini loan or plus loan? No worries, you can also use the services of the external guarantor. If you use the external guarantor at your mini loan or plus loan, a price will be charged by this external guarantor.

Choice not yet made? No problem.

You can always visit the FAQ, where the frequently asked questions are mapped out for you. Here is a top 5 with most frequently asked questions for you:

  • What is “My Gandalf”?
  • When do I have to pay back the mini-credit?
  • I want to pay off earlier, is that possible?
  • How does Global Guarantee work as a guarantee?
  • I have paid my outstanding amount on time, can I apply for a new mini-credit immediately?

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