Provide with a real estate loan for old age

Your own property, where you can live rent-free, is undoubtedly one of the best forms of retirement. Entering the retirement age is associated with financial losses for almost everyone. Finally, the retirement benefits are significantly lower than the last salary. The gap that will emerge after the end of active working life will, in the opinion of experts, increase significantly in the future.

Take up real estate loan at a young age

Anyone who has a paid-off property as a pensioner does not need to pay rent and thus saves a large expenditure block, which in many people consumes the greater part of the pension. But to get the bill done, you need to buy a house or a condominium as early as possible. A real estate loan from Gandalf Credit creates the conditions for this.

A lot of time for the repayment of the real estate loan

Anyone buying a property as a 40-year-old today has two to three decades to repay his real estate loan. The chances that the home is paid off until retirement age are therefore very good. But getting started with 45 or 50 years, for example, is still worthwhile in many cases – especially if there is a certain amount of equity available. Own funds are always a useful component in financing a real estate purchase. At Gandalf Credit a real estate loan is also possible without equity, if the credit rating is sufficient.

Credit for your real estate project

Basically, when looking for a real estate loan, Gandalf Credit offers you a level of flexibility that you probably do not know yet about your loan search. So Gandalf Credit can help you with a bad credit score to a real estate loan. Or you take out a loan that can be up to 50,000 euros higher than the mortgage lending value of the property. There are many ways that Gandalf Credit gladly checks in detail for you. Here you can submit your request for a real estate loan . You get your offer guaranteed free of charge and do not make any commitment. Even if you do not take out the real estate loan, you do not pay a cent.