Quickly a loan – Quickly borrow money

Getting a loan from Gandalf can be very easy. You can request this within a few steps and receive the amount within 24 hours after approval. There are a lot of reasons to borrow money at Gandalf. You can end up in all sorts of situations, so you encounter a problem, you have to pay an amount to solve that situation, and you no longer have any savings on the account. Then Gandalf is the best option. A well-known situation in which a loan can be taken out quickly could be a good option, for example, car trouble. You are on the A3 side, the car is no longer starting, even if you have an ANWB membership, you will have to pay an amount to have the car towed. In such cases, applying for a loan quickly can be a very good idea, so that you can pay the amount that is requested of you quickly and arrive at your destination without any worries.

A story that we would like to share with you is the story of Mees, a father of two who ended up in a situation where he wanted to take out a loan quickly. Here his story.  

A few years ago I ended up in a bad situation. My two teenage daughters have a mother who lives abroad, namely in Italy. It was a difficult situation, since at the time there were problems with an earthquake. Worried of course, we wanted to visit as soon as possible. Normally I earn fine, but due to other circumstances I did not have enough money to book the trip to Italy. Eventually we found Gandalf online. Quickly applied for a loan, and within three days the girls could visit their mother immediately. Thank you Gandalf!

It happens to everyone sometimes, unexpected expenses, or you happen to need an advance . Applying for a loan quickly can come in handy. Gandalf is part of the international market leader in minilrawing, Gandalf Groep. We have already helped more than 2 million satisfied customers worldwide in a mini loan. Do you want to borrow a loan quickly? Then ask Gandalf now and experience the fast and reliable service yourself! You can borrow 600 euros in just four simple steps:

  1. Choose your loan amount and your payment term.

  1. Enter your information;

  1. Choose your guarantor;

  1. Send your request for a mini loan .

As you can see, you have to choose a guarantor in step three. With a mini-loan from Gandalf you can choose between two types of guarantee. A personal guarantor or a guarantee through an external provider. We require a guarantee to reduce the risk on the loaned amount.

Quickly a loan, quickly repaid?

Because our valued customers can easily repay via iDeal, the repayment does not take longer than 5 minutes. Just like the application process to get a loan quickly, you can also easily and quickly repay your outstanding loan.

You can access your iDeal repayment buttons via your My Gandalf account. You can log in by clicking on the my Gandalf button on the website. Then, enter your telephone number and date of birth. Press the orange send button to receive your pin code, and you will receive it via SMS. This PIN code is valid for 10 minutes. When you enter your My Gandalf account you can immediately pay back your fast mini loan with the orange payment button. If you still need a fast mini-loan, you can request a quick mini-loan again within a few minutes!