With this loan we take the work from you

When it comes to finding the best loan, we’ll do the time-consuming work for you – if you want it. The decision on whether you want to accept a loan offered, but of course is up to you alone.

This is how the acceptance of fair and favorable loans with credit-credit works:

Step 1: You enter your loan request and some personal data in our online form. This usually takes no longer than five minutes.

Step 2: Your request will be processed promptly by our credit experts. They look at which of the many bank partners are best placed to look for a cheap loan. When looking for the ideal loan, our professionals never take the first offer. Instead, they always explore the possibilities of different banks and compare the conditions. After all, you should benefit from the best possible conditions when you take out a loan.

Step 3: Your personal loan proposal comes via email. You can already see all the details of your possible loan right now. In addition, you will receive your offer free of charge by mail. In the envelope is next to the easy-to-understand offer of the already prepared for you loan agreement.

Step 4: Take your time to take a closer look at the loan offer at your home. No representative presses you, no one annoys you by phone. When deciding on your loan, take as much time as you like. If any questions arise, you can clarify these with your personal credit counselor at any time by phone and email. Of course, you can use a normal telephone number for this and do not need to waste money on expensive service hotlines. If you are convinced, send back the signed loan agreement plus any required documents (eg proof of earnings).

Step 5: Immediately after the final exam, the bank will initiate the payout of your loan. The fresh money will then be credited right to your account.